Though my background is in fine art, I have  always had a love of textiles. Making clothes for myself in art school eventually turned into a full-time career. My first pair of pants were made from an old, splattered drop cloth that I made for fun, and that everyone wanted to buy. Over time, I realized it felt more natural, and also more satisfying, to make things for moving bodies rather than walls. 

I grew up with a grandmother who cooked, baked, gardened, and quilted. My dad designed and built houses. So even though I lived in a rural area, I was exposed to art / design / craft from an early age. My mother remembers me drawing ladies with elaborate hair-dos and colorful dresses. She also remembers how I use to say I wanted to leave as soon as I could. It's true. I grew up on the east coast, but never felt quite at home until I moved to California, where I currently reside in a live-work loft in the Bay Area. This is where I feel inspired and motivated. 

In 2017 I traveled to Japan for the first time and fell in love with it, especially Tokyo. The geographical kinship I felt was innate. The minimal yet perfectly curated lines and shapes resonated with the kind of clothing I've been making since the 80's when I lived in LA. 

My business began as a one-woman art project, and though it has expanded and evolved throughout the years, it still remains true to it's beginnings: me designing and making one piece at a time. I am incredibly grateful to my customers--lovely, thoughtful people who not only enjoy wearing what I make, but who also appreciate and support the slow fashion movement.